I'm not a student of Latin, but in the course of this effort, I needed to learn a few security-related terms that I came across. I'll present them here in case some of you have the same problem

Latin to English

catena : chain, fetters.

cera : wax writing tablet or wax seal

claudo (clausus) : to confine, shut up, close, blockade, besiege.

claustrum : lock,bolt, bar, prison, den, pen, enclosure / cloister.

clavis : door key

clavis adultera: false or skeleton key

cardo : door hinge

crumena : purse

exaro : to write on waxen tablets

fores : door

janua : door

obfirmo: to bolt, lock, fasten, bar

ostium: house entrance, doorway and door

pileusa close-fitting felt skull cap worn by artisans

pyxis : small casket or jewelry box

sacculus : purse, small bag, sack, money bag

sera: movable bar or bolt

sera pensilis: padlock

tabella, tabula : writing tablet


English to Latin

box: arca archa

brass: orichalcum

bronze: pyropus

casket: pyus, pyxidis

chain: catena

chest: scrinium, arca archa, armarium

door: ianua, ostium

fetter: vinculum

gate: porta

handcuff: manica

handle: tracto, contrecto, capulus

hinge: cardo

iron: ferrum, chalybs

key: claustrum

lead: plumbum

lock: obfirmo

manacle: curo, moderor, tractore, ago, procura, egi, actum

ring: orbis

seal: signum, sigillum

security: obses, obsidis, cautela

silver: argentum